Friday, 8 August 2014


Good Morning,

I woke up this morning knowing that I had to take Lily (my pet African Pygmy Hedgehog) to the vets. She has been poorly the last few days and I wanted to get her checked out. I have had to leave her there to have an anaesthetic, investigation and 2 x-rays. It will either be very good news or very bad news. Fingers crossed it is good.

That is the problem with pets. They bring so much joy to your life but when they are poorly or they pass away it is devestating. Last year I lost my other two hedgehogs and my alsation dog. All within 3 months of each other - it was a hard time. I don't think I will have any more pets after Lily has gone. It is far too upsetting. My mum and dad have the family dog living with them. We got her when I was 15 and she means everything to me. She has a good few years left on her though thankfully.

In other news, the house move is slowly but surely getting there. We have signed lots of paperwork and paid some money so we are just waiting now. Waiting for the mortgage offer to be accepted and offered by the bank and then the solicitors can get involved. *Phew*.

I don't know what to do with myself today. I think I will be in limbo until I know about Lily.


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